Project Description

The goal of this NASA Applied Remote Sensing Education and Training project is to increase the utility of NASA Earth Science and model data for decision-makers and applied science professionals in the area of Water Resources Management Applications. The project conducts trainings and other capacity building activities on utilization of NASA satellite remote sensing and model data for a variety of water management applications including floods and snow related topics. Training activities are a combination of lectures and hands-on activities that teach professionals how to access, interpret, and apply NASA rainfall, snow, cloud, and atmospheric humidity products at regional and global scales with an emphasis of Case Studies. This website provides access to educational materials and regular updates on upcoming events and workshops.

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Scheduled Trainings

Webinar: Flood Monitoring using NASA Remote Sensing Data
November 19 - December 10, 2013  
Tuesdays (4 webinars)
8-9 AM Eastern US Time 
            (13 PM UTC)
Course is free.  Course Agenda.
Course Registration: click here.
Webinar: NASA Remote Sensing Data for Water Resources Management
October 17 - November 14, 2013, Thursdays (5 webinars)
Course is free. Course Agenda
Session I registration: 8-9 AM EDT (12 PM UTC)  click here 
Session II registration: 1-2 PM EDT (5 PM UTC),  click here 
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Stay Informed

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